Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Account Settings

Google's free e-mail us to tell you continue to experience. A previous articles, Gmail's what it is, how to open a Gmail account, Gmail password, we talked about how important it is. In this article we will talk about your Gmail account settings. Important e-mails from your Gmail account, you can enter the home page is the first. Below your profile picture, click on the right side are Account-Privacy tabs will take place. Here you will enter into your account when you click on your account settings. The most important settings in the account settings, which you can find in the main e-mail (e-mail address here to change), a second e-mail (This e-mail address you forget your password information will go), and also the second language is the language you use (optional), and at the bottom how many GB is a section by using your Gmail account. Here you can change your settings as desired. The next article, we will examine in more detail the Account Settings section. Goodbye :)

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